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LDA is sponsoring the Hackathon this weekend!23 Apr

Easter! Derby! Spring!

You do feel like giving back to the community don’t you?

Well then – join some of your favorite techies, designers, and social media gurus for a weekend of fun and doing good!

Sign up at

VelocitySI      400 Missouri Ave, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Friday 6-10 pm

Saturday 8-8 pm

Sunday 8-6 pm

We are working with organizations like Waterstep, The Louisville Ballet, and DerbyCity Dragons to give them a booster shot of tech coolness.

CharityHack is sponsored by Louisville Digital Association, YUM, BlueSky, Metro United Way, Cafe Press, and AIGA Louisville.

We need 4 more developers, 3 more designers, and a few more Digital Marketers.

You don’t have to stay the whole weekend, just let us know how much time you have to give.

Lot’s of food, lots of drink, lots of friends. Doing a whole lotta good.



5th Annual IABC-LDA Integrated Communications Summit Presentations10 Sep

What a great day at the 5th Annual IABC-LDA Integrated Communications Summit. As promised, here's a rundown of each of the presentations.

Gini Dietrich – Marketing In The Round

Heather Whaling – PR on the Bleeding Edge

David Coomer – What Does Advertising Mean Today

Jayme Soulati – Savvier Social Media Across The Marketing Blend

Chris Whalen and Brian Phillips – Integrated Communications in the Digital Age

David Knox – Thinking Without Silos

Ben Hill and Sarah McCool – Retargeting The Grand Ole Opry


Integrated Communications Summit Slated For Sept. 1014 Aug

The 5th Annual Integrated Communications Summit is slated for Sept. 10, 2013 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Louisville. The event will bring an all-start lineup of marketing communications experts to Louisville and focus on integrating the areas of advertising, public relations, social media, digital marketing and mobile marketing into a cohesive communications strategy. The event is also a fund-raiser for the Louisville Digital Association and the Louisville chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

Our challenge this year with the Summit was to move beyond social media and focus on more broad marketing challenges for you. The theme that kept recurring was that you understand social, digital and traditional, but are having a hard time integrating them nicely to work together for your business. So we've built an awesome day of content around the theme of integrating your communications.

Gini Dietrich, founder and CEO of Arment-Dietrich in Chicago, and co-author of the book Marketing in the Round will headline the event. Her Spin Sucks blog is one of the most widely read resources in the public relations industry. Dietrich's integrated approach has served a number of top-tier clients. She'll bring that expertise to Louisville for the event. Her Marketing in the Round concept will illustrate how marketing and communications professionals can reach consumers at multiple touch points with both inbound and outbound marketing methods.


Joining Dietrich on the dais for the event will be Dave Knox, former digital lead for Proctor and Gamble who now serves as Chief Marketing Officer of Rockfish, one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the country. Knox also brings the perspective of entrepreneur and startup founder to the table. He is one of the co-founders of The Brandery, a Cincinnati-based incubator for technology companies. Knox will present a talk on how to operate without silos, breaking down the traditional barriers for integrated communications.

Heather Whaling of Geben Communication will also join the Summit's agenda. Her Columbus-based firm mixes traditional with new media marketing for a wide variety of companies, events and non-profits. Her grasp of leveraging the digital landscape to provide cutting-edge public relations ideas to clients makes her perfect to discuss the topic of Public Relations on the Bleeding Edge.

Jayme Soulati of Dayton, Ohio-based Soulati Media will focus her talk on integrating social media — both communications across channels and integrating social across departments and silos within the organization. David Coomer of Lexington, Ky.'s Cornett IMS, will help attendees understand the definition of “advertising” in today's digital-first landscape and present case studies and ideas of how one of Kentucky's most successful agencies has evolved to think in an integrated fashion.

Two other speakers will be added to the docket as well. And yes, I'll host and perhaps even present some ideas on integration as well.


The event is $119 for LDA and IABC members and $159 for non-members. (Subscribe to our email newsletter and you're an LDA member, by the way.) After Aug. 23 the price jumps up to $159 for members and $209 for non-members. I can assure you with this lineup, you'd be hard pressed to find a better value in a day's workshop.

Do make plans to attend. And sponsorships are welcome. Please reach out to me or Deborah Boyer for information on being a sponsor. You can get us at info — at —

See you at the Summit on Sept. 10!


Best-Selling Author Jay Baer Brings Youtility To Louisville Aug. 1430 Jul

New York Times Best-Selling author Jay Baer will bring his concept of Youtility to the Louisville Digital Association’s August 14 gathering. The talk and networking event will be 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. at The Pointe at 1205 E. Washington Street in Louisville. Admission is free and open to the public. Hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar will be available.

Baer’s latest book, Youtility: Why smart marketing is about help, not hype (Penguin/Portfolio) debuted at No. 3 on the New York Times bestseller list for Advice and How-To books in early July. It discusses how today’s best, cutting-edge marketers create marketing so powerful, customers would pay for it. The concept of Youtility unifies several focal points for businesses of late: advertising, public relations, community relations, digital marketing and social media. Baer will explain the principles for the Louisville audience.

The first 100 attendees will receive a free copy of Youtility, courtesy of  the event sponsors: CafePress, Forest Giant and  The Pointe.

“Jay Baer is well on his way to being Godin-esque in his ability to identify and translate marketing concepts and trends for the industry,” said Jason Falls, co-founder and board member of the Louisville Digital Association. “Youtility is the most important book marketers will read this year, maybe in many years. Having him for a few hours here in Louisville to discuss and explain the concept is exciting.”

Youtility is Baer’s second book. His first, The Now Revolution (Wiley 2011), co-authored with Amber Naslund, is also commonly found dog-eared on the shelves of smart marketers. Baer is the CEO of Convince and Convert, one of the world’s leading digital, content and social marketing firms. While a truly virtual agency, Convince and Convert and Baer are headquartered in Bloomington, Ind.

The Louisville Digital Association is a non-profit group focused on educating, promoting and connecting various communities in the Louisville area around the growing digital and online worlds. Our audiences include businesses, entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, marketers, engineers and artists. The group meets monthly and is free and open to anyone interested.

For more information, contact Jason Falls or Deborah Boyer with the Louisville Digital Association at

To sign up for the event – click here


Join the LDA & Forge for the EnterpriseCorp Signature Event Afterparty on June 1814 Jun

English: The Kentucky Center in Downtown Louis...

If you're of an enterpereneurial bent and live in the Louisville region, you should attend the EnterpriseCorp Signature Event on Tuesday, June 18.

If you can't make it to the SigEvent, or just can't pull together the $25 scratch necessary to hear Ben Yoskovitz, Jonathan Blue, Dale Boden, Tony Schy and Wright Steenrod discuss lean startups, don't worry — we have a low cost alternative.

Forge and the LDA have team up to run a nice, open and free afterparty for attendees of the SigEvent as well as the general techno-entrepreneurial public.

We'll gather in the lobby of the Kentucky Center for the Arts at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, June 18 — immediately after the SigEvent wraps up.

A local DJ, local beer and the extra-local Roobie Red Tea is on the house and, if you need a little more emphatic libation, a cash bar will also be purveying the sterner spirits. Come mix it up and match wits with a who's who of the region's technology and business communities, no charge.

See you on Tuesday.

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Let's hear your Voice May 22nd17 May

It's an exciting time to be in Louisville, there are a lot of things going on but one of our big questions here at the LDA is what more is needed in tech and entrepreneurship – the focus of LDA. It is spring, it's time for change, it's time to make things happen, it's time to grow – so come join LDA as we discuss what you think it takes to help grow Louisville's entrepreneurial and tech communities.

This is for all you social media mavens, you corporate maybe entrepreneurs, you “I've got a small  gig on the side” or you I'm growing a business folks.  You see  the people in all these groups are related and how fast and large any one of our areas grows helps drive the others.

So come listen as Jason Falls asks our local helpers and our audience what needs to take place over the next year or so to continue moving Louisville forward. Our guests include Ted Smith, Chief, Economic Growth and Innovation at Louisville Metro Government; Tendai Charasika, Long time Business Supporter and Newly appointed Executive Director at Enterprise Corp and some of the leadership of other service groups around town – like LDA and Forge.

Come get your questions answered and let your voice be heard at this event . This coming Wednesday, May 22nd, at the iHub in Louisville.

Tell us what you want – so we can help give it to you! To sign up – go to: sign up


Make Amazing Things Happen With C.C. Chapman April 3010 Apr

CC ChapmanNoted author, speaker and digital content maven C.C. Chapman will join Louisville Digital Association for an evening of Amazing Things, Tuesday, April 30 from 6:30 until 8:30 p.m. at Interactive Media Lab, 124 North First Street, Louisville, KY. Admission is free and the event is open to the public. Hors d'oeuvres will be served. We will move to the bar across the street after the meeting for more fun and learning.

Chapman's latest book, Amazing Thing Will Happen, is an uplifting work dedicated to his children. He'll field questions about it, his charitable projects, travels and digital and social media marketing perspectives from LDA board members as well as those in attendance.

“C.C. Chapman is one of the trailblazers in social media,” LDA director Jason Falls said. “From his Managing The Gray podcasts to his innovative brand work with agencies like Crayon and The Advance Guard to his books, blog and incredible side projects for charity, he's shown many individuals and companies how to use passion and content to drive business. We're going to learn a lot from C.C. this month!”

In addition to Amazing Things Will Happen, Chapman also co-authored Content Rules with Ann Handley. He's founded The Cleon Foundation and Passion Hit TV along with a digital marketing agency. He has worked with Coca-Cola, HBO, Warner Bros., American Eagle Outfitters and other companies to transition from traditional marketing to online and digital content marketing.

“We're going to interview C.C., Oprah style, so we can really dig deep and learn about how he fuels so many projects, develops strategies for clients and uses storytelling and content to pave the way for revenues,” Falls explained. “The audience will participate, too, so everyone's questions can be answered.”

Chapman can be found online at or on Twitter @cc_chapman.

Chapman is visiting Louisville to speak at the National Center for Family Literacy's annual conference. NCFL and its signature family learning program, Wonderopolis, are proud to make his visit and session with LDA possible.
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A Note to All Louisville Developers (Beginner to Advanced):11 Mar

Understanding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is fundamental to developing anything on the web and your ability to fit these pieces together allows you to immediately start building new products and ideas. With Node.js, you can leverage your skills even further.

In order to build complete, rich, dynamic web products, you also need to manage your database and web server (i.e. our back-end). In the past, this meant you needed to add an entirely new programming language (like PHP or Python) to your front-end toolkit. Now, you have an opportunity to simply use JavaScript to manage your entire technology stack (front-end and back-end). Here are just a few reasons why learning Node is such a great opportunity to add to your existing skills:

1. It’s JavaScript!

You’ll be amazed how powerful your JavaScript skills will become. No need for new “back-end” languages like Ruby to get stuff done. You already know JavaScript, so just focus on learning about web servers, back-end logic, and managing databases!
2. The open source community!

Developing with Node brings all the advantages of having an incredibly active and passionate community behind you. You won’t believe how easy it is to start using amazing open source tools to build your products and features.

3. It’s cutting-edge technology!

Node’s growth curve is awesome. People are constantly finding new ways to use it and build exciting software. Big companies like Airbnb and LinkedIn are embracing it in production and it shows all the signs of having a bright future. Node's asynchronous approach makes creating scalable web servers and implementing real time features, a breeze.
The bottom line is, Node is a great opportunity to leverage the skills you have to do more with what you already know. There are plenty of other server-side languages or frameworks that you could learn, but in terms of getting the most “bang for your buck” – Node is a no brainer, especially for front-end developers looking to learn back-end skills!

If that all sounds interesting, then you’re going to love NodeLingo’s Introduction to Node.js workshop on April 6th and 7th at Louisville’s iHub! It’s going to be hands-on and a lot of fun. By the end of the weekend, you will have built your very own real time Node application and will be well on your way to continuing your learning. Oh, NodeLingo has prizes and surprises for students too!

Some further details..

Dates and Schedule:
April 6th and 7th, 2013
10:00am – 5:00pm each day
The Link to SignUp

About NodeLingo:

  1. NodeLingo is a team of passionate developers, focused on teaching Node.js and JavaScript classes for beginner to advanced students. Their courses are hands-on and in-person. They focus on teaching practical skills to help students quickly and confidently implement their knowledge.
  2. They can be found at
What makes Node so great?

Please refer to the points above about why Node is awesome.

Recommended Resources for Learning JavaScript basics quickly:

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Free 3D Printing @ the Main Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library Mar. 9th07 Mar

A key chain with your dog’s name on it, a personalized iPhone cover, a strange little piece of jewelry. Now you can use 3D printing to make and customize a long list of fun and useful objects!

At this workshop, computers with kid simple software will be set up, there will be 3D trained folks roaming around and the machines will be printing morning through – well, late afternoon. And you can be amongst the first of your friends to have printed out your own “thing” on a 3D printer!

Join LDA and the wonderful folks at the LFPL to print out your own 3D masterpiece. FOR FREE. For Men and women and children of all ages!!

 Sign up here!

Come even if you haven’t registered — but registering guarantees you a pre-printed 3d toy – we will not tell you what it is, but a hint is that it is Kentucky’s State Bird.

Time: 10-4

Date: March 9th

Location: Louisville Free Public Library

301 York Street, Louisville KY 40203

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(Re)Learn local social marketing in the age of pay-to-play Facebook on Jan. 16th at iHUb10 Jan

The Louisville Digital Assoc. is putting on a tasty panel discussion next Wednesday.  Join Tim Koons-McGee of The Comfy Cow, Rachel Goldenberg of Estes PR, and Liz and Jesse Huot of Grind Food Truck on stage to answer questions about local social media marketing.

Where: iHub –  204 South Floyd Street, Louisville, KY – 40202
When: January 16th 5:30 – 8pm

Sign up here for your free ticket.

Death of the Landing Tab, 3rd-party App Penalty, Engagement Drop – these strange terms have become the life of the poor social media marketer after Facebook's IPO. What is a savvy business person to do? Come listen to four of Louisville's most savvily delicious folks as they give us guidance and answer your questions.


About the Louisville Digital Association

The Louisville Digital Association (LDA) was established to further the digital future of Louisville, KY and the Commonwealth. With its roots as the Social Media Club of Louisville, the Louisville Digital Association has expanded the conversation to trends on mobile, desktop web, entrepreneurship and technology in addition to social media. We continue to bring together the perspectives of engineering and development, design and user experience, sales and marketing, business and leadership from the Fortune 500 to entrepreneurs and start-ups. The diversity in these viewpoints provides valuable input to all. The Louisville Digital Association facilitates ongoing dialogue to engage and grow all involved, especially those with a connection to the area.

Contact Us

Need to contact the LDA? Just send a shout to info [at] louisvilledigital [dot] org!